Opinel Mushroom Knife

Opinel Mushroom Knife

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Opinel Mushroom Knife.

Opinel, a legendary French classic. Made in the Savoy area from sustainable French beech wood since 1890, and still made by the Opinel family descendents. 



This knife is designed specifically for the Mushroom Collector: easily fold this one up and shove it away in your pocket on your hunt through the forest for a treasure of morsels. The hooked stainless steel blade ensures a precise cut at the stalk without damaging the cap. The serated blade back makes cuticle removal a cinch while the boar bristle brush will wipe away any debris. A twisting lock mechanism ensures the blade is in a locked position when the blade is either open or closed.

Blade Measures 7 cm/2.75 in

Handle with Brush Measures 13.3 cm/5.25 in