The Outpost reguarly holds in-store events and has forever made its mark on Brisbane's creative scene with the invention of 'I used to Skate once', an art/music event held at The Zoo curated by owner Matt Brady with the help from artist Alex Gillies and former venue owner Joc Curran for eleven years. Stay turned for a come back soon !!! 


"What started as a humble showcase of Australia artists using a skateboard as their canvas, has grown into a "must go" event on the Brisbane calendar. Always free entry, always a strong local representation of local artists and musicians. I have showcased over 350 artist and 24 bands/musicans over past eleven years. Artists include: Jonathan Zawada (Aus) Anthony Lister (Aus) Beci Orpin (Aus) Stefan Marx (Germany) Daniel Templeman (Aus) Rob Moore (Aus) Elana Mullaly (Aus) Marcus Oakley (UK) French (UK) Porus Walker (USA) Bands/Musicans have included: Royal Headache (Best Independent Album, Independent Music Awards Australia 2012) (Melb) Kirin J Callinan (Finalist 9th Coopers AMP Awards 2014) (Syd) Six Ft Hick (Bris) Songs (Syd) McKISKO (Bris) I Heart Hiroshima (Bris)"

"i used to skate once" exhibition from J'aime Fazackerley on Vimeo.


Matt (Outpost) also ran a live music venue (Woodland 2010-2012) just around the corner from the shop.

Woodland Bar was a popular destination for live music enthusiasts, booking performances from both established and emerging bands and DJ’s, local and international.

"So, you’ve been thinking to yourself where I can go to share a tipple and dance like a maniac in this town? I want a place that has a Twin Peaks Americana vibe but with a Northern England Hacienda dance floor feel (prior to the 90s) – and I want Steve Coogan to be the door b*tch.
Woodland is the magical tree-house club answer. Okay, so there’s no Steve Coogan, but we’d put 50 bucks down on the hard oak wood bar if a Joy Division or a Smiths track doesn’t play once during the evening. If it does – well, we’re going ask you to swing from the mounted deer head.
With wide-open spaces, booths for your posse and bar staff without attitude, Woodland is the club you’ve been waiting for. Time to scuff up the dance floor…"

Artists I have worked with:
Little Dragon
Best Coast
Moon Duo
The Oh Cees
Royal Headache
Kurt Vile
Ty Segall
Super Wild Horses
DZ Deathrays
Holy F#ck
Chik Chik Chik
Die Die Die
Dick Diver
and more...

Kurt Vile - "Puppet To The Man" - 08.12.2011 from Joshua Watson on Vimeo.