Midday Music -Brisbane 2012

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"4ZZZ presenter, Makeda Zucco’s cassette compilation is the second Brisbane 2012 to draw attention to the Queensland capital’s music scene and follows on from the recent release of a same-titled documentary by Josh Watson. Don’t start shaking fists if your favourite summery indie-pop band has missed the cut. Despite the name, the focus of these Brisbane 2012s may as well be on a sub-postcode of 4000, some of the bands featured are so underground.
Kitchen’s Floor, Blank Realm, Slug Guts and Martyr Privates are all bands you’ve probably heard of but maybe never given enough time to if you’re from outside Brisbane, but even local scenesters will scratch their heads when asked for an opinion on X Wave, X in O, Perpetual Nervousness and Fig.
Expect neither hi-fi or future hits on here. While a friend of mine criticised this compilation for being “all over the place and clearly sounding like it was a recorded on the Macbook mic in a shed”, which when reading the inner notes may just be the case, it’s probably the point Makeda is trying to make to sum up the sounds she hears in Brisbane and is a credit to the diversity of the city’s fringe scene. Where else would a band like Scraps exist next to one like Knee Chin? This compilation by All Day Breakfast clearly solidifies a long held belief that Brisbane is a town where ideas are favoured over aesthetic, whereas in more fashionable cities the opposite oft rings true."

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