Tailfeather is about quality. Tailfeather is about design, craftsmanship, durability and practicality.

Tailfeather is the collaboration of Scottie Neoh and Natalia Perez, and is crafted in their home studio in the Tallarook ranges 100 km north of Melbourne, Australia. In the middle of 50 acres of forest, Scottie and Natalia’s studio is surrounded by Gum Trees and is visited by kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas,and an abundance of native bird-life. It is an ideal environment to focus on creating the perfect balance of simplicity and style that makes Tailfeather unique.

Each individual piece is hand-crafted, combining traditional techniques with modern technology; contemporary design is applied to established fundamentals.

Each piece is designed to meet the practical requirements of day to day use, and made to last as a generational item.

Everything is produced in the Tallarook studio. Small runs and attention to detail ensure the highest possible quality is maintained.

Scottie and Natalia bring together distinctive skills which contribute to the design and production process. Natalia has a background in textile and design. Scottie is a painter and illustrator better known as BONSAI. For more info check. www.scottieneoh.com

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