Mini ramp for sale ($2000)

 MINI RAMP - Selling for cost price, great for all types of skating from
beginner to experienced.

A great fun mini ramp for learning new tricks. Would fit a small back yard
or driveway. Transition close to 45 degrees at peak to make the ramp easy to
ride and perform street based trick on. Was used recently by Brisbane's
finest sponsored skaters for a demo/art exhibit. Photos and video of the
ramp being ridden will be online (soon) at

Technical Details:
2400 Width, Side 1 1200mm Height (small platform), Side 2 1000mm Height
(large platform)

Heavy steel coping, easily comes apart in five sections for transportation
or storage. Easily moved with 2 adults. Can be assembled or disassembled in

Built by trade qualified timber workers that skate. Solid construction with
extra cross supports in hard wearing areas and two layers of ply to decrease
noise and increase speed. High quality building grade plywood and timber.

Comes with an extra extension wall that doubles as a flat ground grind fun
box when not joined to the ramp Approx 3000 Height x 2400 x 1200mm included.

You will need to organize transportation, but we will be happy to help assemble it for you.

ph: 3666 0306

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