IUTS08 "Locals Only"

 Hi everyone, our annual art/music event IUTSO8 is on next Thursday (8th year) night at THE ZOO/Winn Lane, (7pm doors).

50+ artists, 3 bands, 3 Djs

Don't for get: 

The first 100 punters through the door will recieve the June issue of Monster Children magazine #35, a week beore anyone else in the world.

The show will hang in The Outpost after the opening night until 21st July.

Bands on the night include:

The Karmers www.thekramers.bandcamp.com 
These locals are under 18 and going to go places.. Come early (830pm) and wintness!

Sewers (930pm) anybody like The Fall? messy fun!!

New kids on the block :P Six Ft Hick (1030pm).

Cap a solid local line up.

Local artists include:
Stuart Hoole
Duncan Mattocks
Kristy Morgan
Holly Leonardson
Jacqueline Hays
Liam Bhats
Charlie Hillhouse
Bo Stahlman
Carmela Ruffino
Yimmy Yayo
Sophia Mary Mac
Michael Candy
Steele Evans
Nick Chalmers
Amy Longworth
Eileen Dick
Matt Christensen
Kim Guthrie
Jessie Olsen
Holly Riding
Nanda Ormond
Trent Evans
Bad Teeth
Will Brown
Claudio Kirac
Sam McKenzie
Ben Hevenaar
Elana Mullaly
Laura Strange
Hannah Gatland
Jay Musk
Alex Gilies
Finton Mac Gee
Frazer Stanley
Loretta Lizzio

Winn Lane with be a transform into a chill out zone, with all the shops open (including The Outpost). Tunes bought to you by Swede Tooth, Len One and guests

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