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I Used To Skate Once Ocho 
Posted By Kieran - 10.05.2012

The best shop on Brisbane, The Outpost in Fortitude Valley (best place to buy Monster Children in QLD), and the main man there, Matt, and a bunch of his mates have been putting on the annual "Iused To Skate Once," art show for eight years now. In 2012, Monster Children is proud to be a presenting sponsor of this fine event. It's not on until June 21, and although this is a while off, it might be good to note the first 100 punters through the door will recieve the June issue of MC #35, a week beore anyone else in the world gets their mitts on it. What more do you want? Few beers, few babes, a bit of art, music and a free mag.Artists updates will be coming, but for now pencil in Thursday 21st June - The Zoo - all details here.  Sydney, don't worry we will have you covered. Melbourne, you're next. 

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